Business Management Solution for Media Groups

A single, scalable software for linear and non-linear services
Mogador © is the Digital Publishing API which allows to carry out dynamically and smoothly the publication of media content on Digital Platforms (OTT, VOD, Catch-Up TV, ...). While Louise © with its built-in Workflow Engine supports business operations to deliver content to the Digital Platforms, the business-designed Mogador API automatically populates them with the corresponding useful metadata.
To optimize daily work with media groups' partners, Mogador © is the suited tool to share selected information from Louise © with such partners. In return, media groups' partners are able to directly enrich and supplement this information in Louise © via Mogador ©, allowing media groups' teams to only validate the accuracy of the data entered by the partner instead of re-entering it.
Mogador © technology offers a secure access to the Louise data required to feed the Digital Platforms, thanks to its REST/JSON Web Services API. The Mogador © API provides endpoints which are media business-oriented, facilitating the development of B-to-C and B-to-B websites/apps, VOD/OTT platforms…
Based on the metadata dynamically published by the Mogador © API, our customers and/or their partners can easily design and develop their website, app, OTT platform.  Since 20 years, we were involved in the integration part of our customer projects building websites and apps, we decided to offer a new design and development service for tailored websites, apps and OTT Platform. This new service offers the advantage of having a single point of contact for such projects.
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Key Features of Mogador ©
Post the Latest

Your programming information is always accessible and accurate

Build Brand Loyalty

A visible and cost-effective way to build programming and community bonds with the audience

Extend Your Marketing

Local media can update on the go; reserve certain data for "their eyes only"

Easy Access

Users need only an Internet browser. Nothing could be easier


The process is fully automated; no additional manpower needed


API Toolkit makes it easy to integrate data into other systems and to export to multiple platforms